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Asheville Capital is a registered investment advisor managing a concentrated portfolio of global public equities on behalf of accredited investors and institutions.

Asheville Capital seeks to compound its investors' capital at rates of return that consistently exceed its most relevant benchmark by investing in world-class businesses before they are broadly recognized as such.

Said another way, we will invest in exceptional companies when we hold a differentiated opinion on its long-term prospects, with a high probability of occurrence. This conviction is achieved after diligently researching the company's opportunities and becoming comfortable with the associated risks.

Qualitatively exceptional companies have common characteristics that are identifiable well in advance of quantitative proof of such excellence. By nature, qualitative characteristics are difficult to quantify and are therefore not easily arbitraged away. They present themselves early in the lifecycles of a company and are visible to the careful observer.

The presence of qualitative exceptionalism before it is broadly appreciated as such can result in expected return asymmetry whereby the prudent investor can expect a high long-term rate of return without incurring unnecessary risk.

Asheville Capital is distinct in our ability to identify these exceptional businesses early and our exhaustive process to underwrite them appropriately. We seek to identify and own these companies for the next decade with minimal portfolio turnover. 

About Jake

Asheville Capital is founded and operated by Jake Barfield. Jake has previously worked at Bares Capital Management and Nine Ten Capital Management. Jake has a Bachelor's degree from Western Carolina University and a Master's degree from Boston College. Throughout both degree programs Jake served in the US Army National Guard. Jake lives in Asheville with his wife, Sage, and together they are raising twins, Clark and Laurel Barfield. When Jake isn't researching companies, he can often be found cleaning the dishes. 

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