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Asheville Capital invests in world-class businesses before they are broadly appreciated as such

About Us

Asheville Capital is a North Carolina-based registered investment advisor. We invest capital on behalf of accredited investors and institutions into public equites across all geographies, industries and market capitalizations with the intent of owning companies that present the highest asymmetric return probabilities.

Investment Philosophy

Asheville Capital is singularly focused on investing in world-class businesses before they are broadly appreciated as such. Our objective is to compound our partners’ capital at rates of return that consistently outperform market indices.

We define a world-class business as one that demonstrates qualitative exceptionalism that is superior on a global stage. We invest in these exceptional businesses when it is determined that they are not broadly appreciated as such. Said another way, we will invest in qualitatively exceptional businesses when we hold a differentiated opinion on its long-term prospects, with a high probability of occurrence. This conviction is only achieved after diligently researching the company’s opportunities to increase intrinsic value per share and becoming comfortable with the associated risks.

I invite you to read our introductory letter to learn more about Asheville Capital.

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